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L. M.

The magistrate's Psalm.


Mercy and judgment are my song;

And since they both to thee belong,

My gracious God, my righteous King,

To thee my songs and vows I bring.

If I am raised to bear the sword,

I'll take my counsels from thy word;

Thy justice and thy heav'nly grace

Shall be the pattern of my ways.

Let wisdom all my actions guide,

And let my God with me reside;

No wicked thing shall dwell with me

Which may provoke thy jealousy.

No sons of slander, rage, and strife

Shall be companions of my life;

The haughty look, the heart of pride,

Within my doors shall ne'er abide.

[I'll search the land, and raise the just

To posts of honor, wealth, and trust;

The men that work thy holy will

Shall be my friends and fav'rites still.]

In vain shall sinners hope to rise

By flatt'ring or malicious lies;

And while the innocent I guard,

The bold offender sha'n't be spared.

The impious crew, that factious band,

Shall hide their heads or quit the land;

And all that break the public rest,

Where I have power, shall be suppressed.

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