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The eternal and sovereign God.


The Lord Jehovah reigns,

And royal state maintains,

His head with awful glories crowned;

Arrayed in robes of light,

Begirt with sovereign might,

And rays of majesty around.

Upheld by thy commands,

The world securely stands;

And skies and stars obey thy word:

Thy throne was fixed on high

Before the starry sky;

Eternal is thy kingdom, Lord.

In vain the noisy crowd,

Like billows fierce and loud,

Against thine empire rage and roar;

In vain, with angry spite,

The surly nations fight,

And dash like waves against the shore.

Let floods and nations rage,

And all their powers engage;

Let swelling tides assault the sky;

The terrors of thy frown

Shall beat their madness down:

Thy throne for ever stands on high.

Thy promises are true,

Thy grace is ever new:

There fixed, thy church shall ne'er remove;

Thy saints with holy fear

Shall in thy courts appear,

And sing thine everlasting love.

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