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v. 3ff, paraphrased.

L. M.

Adam and Christ, lords of the old and new creation.


Lord, what was man, when made at first,

Adam the offspring of the dust,

That thou shouldst set him and his race

But just below an angel's place?

That thou shouldst raise his nature so,

And make him lord of all below;

Make every beast and bird submit,

And lay the fishes at his feet?

But, O! what brighter glories wait

To crown the Second Adam's state!

What honors shall thy Son adorn,

Who condescended to be born!

See him below his angels made;

See him in dust amongst the dead,

To save a ruined world from sin;

But he shall reign with power divine.

The world to come, redeemed from all

The miseries that attend the fall,

New made and glorious, shall submit

At our exalted Savior's feet.

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