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L. M.

Temptations in sickness overcome.

Lord, I can suffer thy rebukes,

When thou with kindness dost chastise;

But thy fierce wrath I cannot bear:

O let it not against me rise.

Pity my languishing estate,

And ease the sorrows that I feel;

The wounds thine heavy hand hath made,

O let thy gentler touches heal!

See how I pass my weary days

In sighs and groans; and when 'tis night

My bed is watered with my tears;

My grief consumes, and dims my sight.

Look, how the powers of nature mourn!

How long, Almighty God, how long?

When shall thine hour of grace return?

When shall I make thy grace my song?

I feel my flesh so near the grave,

My thoughts are tempted to despair;

But graves can never praise the Lord,

For all is dust and silence there.

Depart, ye tempters, from my soul,

And all despairing thoughts, depart;

My God, who hears lily humble moan,

Will ease my flesh, and cheer my heart.

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