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C. M.

The book of God's decrees.


Let the whole race of creatures lie

Abased before their God;

Whate'er his sovereign voice has formed

He governs with a nod.

[Ten thousand ages ere the skies

Were into motion brought,

All the long years and worlds to come

Stood present to his thought.

There's not a sparrow or a worm

But's found in his decrees;

He raises monarchs to their throne,

And sinks them as he please.]

If light attends the course I run,

'Tis he provides those rays;

And 'tis his hand that hides my sun,

If darkness clouds my days.

Yet I would not be much concerned,

Nor vainly long to see

The volume of his deep decrees,

What months are writ for me.

When he reveals the book of life,

O may I read my name

Amongst the chosen of his love,

The followers of the Lamb!

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