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C. M.

Redemption by Christ.

When the first parents of our race

Rebelled and lost their God,

And the infection of their sin

Had tainted all our blood;

Infinite pity touched the heart

Of the eternal Son;

Descending from the heav'nly court,

He left his Father's throne.

Aside the Prince of glory threw

His most divine array,

And wrapped his godhead in a veil

Of our inferior clay.

His living power and dying love

Redeemed unhappy men,

And raised the ruins of our race

To life and God again.

To thee, dear Lord, our flesh and soul

We joyfully resign;

Bless'd Jesus, take us for thy own,

For we are doubly thine.

Thine honor shall for ever be

The business of our days;

For ever shall our thankful tongues

Speak thy deserved praise.

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