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HYMN 163

C. M.

Complaint of desertion and temptations.

Dear Lord! behold our sore distress;

Our sins attempt to reign;

Stretch out thine arm of conquering grace,

And let thy foes be slain.

[The lion with his dreadful roar

Affrights thy feeble sheep:

Reveal the glory of thy power,

And chain him to the deep.

Must we indulge a long despair?

Shall our petitions die?

Our mournings never reach thine ear,

Nor tears affect thine eye?]

If thou despise a mortal groan,

Yet hear a Savior's blood;

An Advocate so near the throne

Pleads and prevails with God.

He brought the Spirit's powerful sword

To slay our deadly foes;

Our sins shall die beneath thy word,

And hell in vain oppose.

How boundless is our Father's grace,

In height, and depth, and length!

He makes his Son our righteousness,

His Spirit is our strength.

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