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L. M.

The enjoyment of Christ; or, Delight in ordinances.


Lord, what a heav'n of saving grace

Shines through the beauties of thy face,

And lights our passions to a flame!

Lord, how we love thy charming name!

When I can say, "My God is mine,"

When I can feel thy glories shine,

I tread the world beneath my feet,

And all that earth calls good or great.

While such a scene of sacred joys

Our raptured eyes and souls employs,

Here we could sit, and gaze away

A long, an everlasting day.

Well, we shall quickly pass the night

To the fair coasts of perfect light;

Then shall our joyful senses rove

O'er the dear object of our love.

[There shall we drink full draughts of bliss,

And pluck new life from heav'nly trees:

Yet now and then, dear Lord, bestow

A drop of heav'n on worms below.

Send comforts down from thy right hand,

While we pass through this barren land,

And in thy temple let us see

A glimpse of love, a glimpse of thee.]

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