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HYMN 141

C. M.

Faith assisted by sense; or, Preaching, baptism, and the Lord's supper.

My Savior God, my Sovereign Prince,

Reigns far above the skies;

But brings his graces down to sense,

And helps my faith to rise.

My eyes and cars shall bless his name,

They read and hear his word;

My touch and taste shall do the same

When they receive the Lord.

Baptismal water is designed

To seal his cleansing grace,

While at his feast of bread and wine

He gives his saints a place.

But not the waters of a flood

Can make my flesh so clean,

As by his Spirit and his blood

He'll wash my soul from sin.

Not choicest meats, or noblest wines,

So much my heart refresh,

As when my faith goes through the signs,

And feeds upon his flesh.

I love the Lord that stoops so low

To give his word a seal;

But the rich grace his hands bestow

Exceeds the figures still.

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