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HYMN 138

L. M.

The power of the gospel.

This is the word of truth and love,

Sent to the nations from above;

Jehovah here resolves to show

What his almighty grace can do.

This remedy did wisdom find

To heal diseases of the mind;

This sovereign balm, whose virtues can

Restore the ruined creature, man.

The gospel bids the dead revive,

Sinners obey the voice, and live;

Dry bones are raised and clothed afresh,

And hearts of stone are turned to flesh.

[Where Satan reigned in shades of night

The gospel strikes a heav'nly light;

Our lusts its wondrous power controls,

And calms the rage of angry souls.]

[Lions and beasts of savage name

Put on the nature of the lamb,

While the wild world esteem it strange,

Gaze, and admire, and hate the change.]

May but this grace my soul renew,

Let sinners gaze and hate me too!

The word that saves me does engage

A sure defence from all their rage.

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