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HYMN 130

C. M.

The new creation.


Attend, while God's exalted Son

Doth his own glories show:

"Behold, I sit upon my throne,

Creating all things new.

"Nature and sin are passed away,

And the old Adam dies;

My hands a new foundation lay,

See the new world arise.

"I'll be a Sun of Righteousness

To the new heav'ns I make;

None but the new-born heirs of grace

My glories shall partake."

Mighty Redeemer! set me free

From my old state of sin;

O make my soul alive to thee,

Create new powers within.

Renew mine eyes, and form mine ears,

And mold my heart afresh;

Give me new passions, joys, and fears,

And turn the stone to flesh.

Far from the regions of the dead,

From sin, and earth, and hell,

In the new world that grace has made,

I would for ever dwell.

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