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HYMN 120

S. M.

The law and gospel joined in Scripture.


The Lord declares his will,

And keeps the world in awe;

Amidst the smoke on Sinai's hill

Breaks out his fiery law.

The Lord reveals his face,

And smiling from above,

Sends down the gospel of his grace,

Th' epistles of his love.

These sacred words impart

Our Maker's just commands;

The pity of his melting heart,

And vengeance of his hands.

[Hence we awake our fear,

We draw our comfort hence;

The arms of grace are treasured here,

And armor of defence.

We learn Christ crucified,

And here behold his blood;

All arts and knowledges beside

Will do us little good.]

We read the heav'nly word,

We take the offered grace,

Obey the statutes of the Lord,

And trust his promises.

In vain shall Satan rage

Against a book divine,

Where wrath and lightning guard the page,

Where beams of mercy shine.

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