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HYMN 108

C. M.

Access to the throne of grace by a mediator.


Come, let us lift our joyful eyes

Up to the courts above,

And smile to see our Father there

Upon a throne of love.

Once 'twas a seat of dreadful wrath,

And shot devouring flame

Our God appeared "consuming fire,"

And Vengeance was his name.

Rich were the drops of Jesus' blood

That calmed his frowning face,

That sprinkled o'er the burning throne,

And turned the wrath to grace.

Now we may bow before his feet,

And venture near the Lord;

No fiery cherub guards his seat,

Nor double-flaming sword.

The peaceful gates of heav'nly bliss

Are opened by the Son;

High let us raise our notes of praise,

And reach th' almighty throne.

To thee ten thousand thanks we bring,

Great Advocate on high;

And glory to th' eternal King,

That lays his fury by.

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