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L. M.

God dwells with the humble and penitent. Isa. 47:15,16.


Thus saith the high and lofty One:

"I sit upon my holy throne;

My name is God, I dwell on high,

Dwell in my own eternity.

"But I descend to worlds below,

On earth I have a mansion too;

The humble spirit and contrite

Is an abode of my delight.

"The humble soul my words revive,

I bid the mourning sinner live,

Heal all the broken hearts I find,

And ease the sorrows of the mind.

["When I contend against their sin,

I make them know how vile they've been;

But should my wrath for ever smoke,

Their souls would sink beneath my stroke."]

O may thy pard'ning grace be nigh,

Lest we should faint, despair, and die!

Thus shall our better thoughts approve

The methods of thy chast'ning love.

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