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C. M.

The song of Moses and the Lamb. Rev. 15:3; 16:19; 17:6.

We sing the glories of thy love,

We sound thy dreadful name;

The Christian church unites the songs

Of Moses and the Lamb.

Great God! how wondrous are thy works

Of vengeance and of grace!

Thou King of saints, Almighty Lord,

How just and true thy ways!

Who dares refuse to fear thy name,

Or worship at thy throne?

Thy judgments speak thine holiness

Through all the nations known.

Great Babylon that rules the earth,

Drunk with the martyrs' blood,

Her crimes shall speedily awake

The fury of our God.

The cup of wrath is ready mixed,

And she must drink the dregs:

Strong is the Lord, her sovereign Judge,

And shall fulfil the plagues.

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