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C. M.

The true improvement of life. Ps. 90:12.


Ane is this life prolonged to me?

Are days and seasons giv'n?

O let me, then, prepare to be

A fitter heir of heav'n.

In vain these moments shall not pass,

These golden hours be gone:

Lord, I accept thine offered grace,

I bow before thy throne.

Now cleanse my soul from every sin

By my Redeemer's blood;

Now let my flesh and soul begin

The honors of my God.

Let me no more my soul beguile

With sin's deceitful toys;

Let cheerful hope, increasing still,

Approach to heav'nly joys.

My thankful lips shall loud proclaim

The wonders of thy praise,

And spread the savor of thy name

Where'er I spend my days.

On earth let my example shine,

And when I leave this state,

May heav'n receive this soul of mine

To bliss supremely great.

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