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C. M.

The atonement of Christ. Rom. 3:25.

How is our nature spoiled by sin!

Yet nature ne'er hath found

The way to make the conscience clean,

Or heal the painful wound.

In vain we seek for peace with God

By methods of our own:

Jesus, there's nothing but thy blood

Can bring us near the throne.

The threat'nings of thy broken law

Impress our souls with dread;

If God his sword of vengeance draw,

It strikes our spirits dead.

But thine illustrious sacrifice

Hath answered these demands:

And peace and pardon from the skies

Came down by Jesus' hands.

Here all the ancient types agree,

The altar and the lamb;

And prophets in their visions see

Salvation through his name.

'Tis by thy death we live, O Lord,

'Tis on thy cross we rest;

For ever be thy love adored,

Thy name for ever blessed.

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