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C. M.

Flesh and spirit. Rom. 8:1

What vain desires and passions vain

Attend this mortal clay!

Oft have they pierced my soul with pain,

And drawn my heart astray.

How have I wandered from my God!

And, following sin and shame,

In this vile world of flesh and blood

Defiled my nobler frame!

For ever blessed be thy grace

That formed my soul anew,

And made it of a heav'n-born race,

Thy glory to pursue.

My spirit holds perpetual war,

And wrestles and complains;

But views the happy moment near

That shall dissolve its chains.

Cheerful in death I close my eyes

To part with every lust;

And charge my flesh, whene'er it rise,

To leave them in the dust.

My purer spirit shall not fear

To put this body on;

Its tempting powers no more are there,

Its lusts and passions gone!

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