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HYMN 141

S. M.

The Humiliation and exaltation of Christ. Isa. 53:1-5,10-12.


Who has believed thy word,

Or thy salvation known?

Reveal thine arm, Almighty Lord,

And glorify thy Son.

The Jews esteemed him here

Too mean for their belief;

Sorrows his chief acquaintance were,

And his companion, grief.

They turned their eyes away,

And treated him with scorn;

But 'twas their grief upon him lay,

Their sorrows he has borne.

'Twas for the stubborn Jews,

And Gentiles then unknown,

The God of justice pleased to bruise

His best-beloved Son.

"But I'll prolong his days,

And make his kingdom stand;

My pleasure," saith the God of grace,

"Shall prosper in his hand."

["His joyful soul shall see

The purchase of his pain

And by his knowledge justify

The guilty sons of men.]

["Ten thousand captive slaves,

Released from death and sin,

Shall quit their prisons and their graves

And own his power divine.]

["Heav'n shall advance my Son

To joys that earth denied;

Who saw the follies men had done,

And bore their sins, and died."]

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