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HYMN 115

C. M.

Conviction of sin by the law. Rom. 7:8,9,14,24.

Lord, how secure my conscience was,

And felt no inward dread!

I was alive without the law,

And thought my sins were dead.

My hopes of heav'n were firm and bright,

But since the precept came

With a convincing power and light,

I find how vile I am.

[My guilt appeared but small before,

Till terribly I saw

How perfect, holy, just, and pure,

Was thine eternal law.

Then felt my soul the heavy load,

My sins revived again

I had provoked a dreadful God,

And all my hopes were slain.]

I'm like a helpless captive, sold

Under the power of sin

I cannot do the good I would,

Nor keep my conscience clean.

My God, I cry with every breath

For some kind power to save,

To break the yoke of sin and death,

And thus redeem the slave.

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