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L. M.

The humble enlightened, and carnal reason humbled. Luke 10:21,22.


There was an hour when Christ rejoiced,

And spoke his joy in words of praise:

"Father, I thank thee, mighty God,

Lord of the earth, and heav'ns, and seas.

"I thank thy sovereign power and love

That crowns my doctrine with success,

And makes the babes in knowledge learn

The heights, and breadths, and lengths of grace.

"But all this glory lies concealed

From men of prudence and of wit;

The prince of darkness blinds their eyes,

And their own pride resists the light.

"Father, 'tis thus, because thy will

Chose and ordained it should be so;

'Tis thy delight t' abase the proud,

And lay the haughty scorner low.

"There's none can know the Father right

But those who learn it from the Son;

Nor can the Son be well received

But where the Father makes him known."

Then let our souls adore our God,

Who deals his graces as he please;

Nor gives to mortals an account

Or of his actions or decrees.

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