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HYMN 105

C. M.

Heaven invisible and holy. 1 Cor. 2:9,10; Rev. 21:27.


Nor eye hath seen, nor ear hath heard,

Nor sense nor reason known,

What joys the Father hath prepared

For those that love the Son.

But the good Spirit of the Lord

Reveals a heav'n to come;

The beams of glory in his word

Allure and guide us home.

Pure are the joys above the sky,

And all the region peace;

No wanton lips nor envious eye

Can see or taste the bliss.

Those holy gates for ever bar

Po lution, sin, and shame

None shall obtain admittance there

But followers of the Lamb.

He keeps the Father's book of life,

There all their names are found;

The hypocrite in vain shall strive

To tread the heav'nly ground

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