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Song 8.

Praise to God for learning to read.


The praises of my tongue

I offer to the Lord,

That I was taught and learnt so young

To read his holy Word.


That I am taught to know

The danger I was in;

By nature, and by practice too,

A wretched slave to sin.

That I am led to see

I can do nothing well;

And whither shall a sinner flee,

To save himself from hell?

Dear Lord, this book of thine

Informs me where to go,

For grace to pardon all my sin,

And make me holy too.


Here I can read and learn

How Christ, the Son of God,

Did undertake our great concern;

Our ransom cost his blood.

And now he reigns above,

He sends his Spirit down,

To show the wonders of his love,

And make his Gospel known.

O may that Spirit teach,

And make my heart receive

Those truths which all thy servants preach,

And all thy saints believe.


Then shall I praise the Lord

In a more cheerful strain,

That I was taught to read his Word,

And have not learnt in vain.

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