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Song 3.

Praise to God for our Redemption.


Blest be the wisdom and the power,

The justice and the grace,

That join’d in counsel to restore

And save our ruin’d grace!

Our father ate forbidden fruit,

And from his glory fell;

And we, his children, thus were brought

To death, and near to hell.


Blest be the Lord, that sent his Son

To take our flesh and blood!

He for our lives gave up his own,

To make our peace with God.

He honour’d all his Father’s laws,

Which we have disobey’d;

He bore our sins upon the cross,

And our full ransom paid.


Behold him rising from the grave;

Behold him raised on high:

He pleads his merits there, to save

Transgressors doom’d to die.

There, on a glorious throne, he reigns;

And by his power divine

Redeems us from the slavish chains

Of Satan and of sin.


Thence shall the Lord to judgment come;

And, with a sovereign voice,

Shall call and break up every tomb,

While waking saints rejoice.

O may I then with joy appear

Before the Judge’s face;

And, with the blest assembly there,

Sing his redeeming grace.

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