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Song 19.

Against cursing, swearing, and taking God’s name in vain.


Angels, that high in glory dwell,

Adore thy Name, Almighty God!

And devils tremble down in hell,

Beneath the terrors of thy rod.


And yet how wicked children dare

Abuse thy dreadful, glorious Name!

And when they’re angry, how they swear,

And curse their fellows, and blaspheme!

How will they stand before thy face,

Who treated thee with such disdain,

While thou shalt doom them to the place

Of everlasting fire and pain?

Then never shall one cooling drop

To quench their burning tongues be given;

But I will praise thee here, and hope

Thus to employ my tongue in heaven.

My heart shall be in pain to hear

Wretches affront the Lord above:

’Tis that great God whose power I fear,

That heavenly Father whom I love.

If my companions grow profane,

I’ll leave their friendship when I hear

Young sinners take thy Name in vain,

And learn to curse, and learn to swear.

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