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Whatever opinion may be entertained by connoisseurs as to the value of Dr. Watts’s Hymns as “Poems,” none can doubt the earnest piety which dictated them, nor the unmistakable popularity they have ever enjoyed, both at home and abroad, and which fully entities them to be considered as genuine “Household Words”.

Numerous as are the editions already published, more or less illustrated, none have as yet approached the standard of completeness or excellence which such popularity deserves.


The projectors of this effort fully believe that this want will be amply supplied by the production of the present edition. The names and number of the artists employed, together with the general care and finish bestowed throughout, they trust will be sufficient guarantee that their labour has not been in vain.

It may be well to add that the whole of the Illustrations have been arranged and engraved under the entire direction of Mr. James D. Cooper.

LONDON, 1866.

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