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Song 14.

Examples of early piety.


What blest examples do I find

Writ in the Word of Truth,

Of children that begin to mind

Religion in their youth!

Jesus, who reigns above the sky,

And keeps the world in awe,

Was once a child as young as I,

And kept his Father’s law.


At twelve years old he talk’d with men,

(The Jews all wondering stand;)

Yet he obey’d his Mother then,

And came at her command.

Children a sweet hasanna sung,

And blest their Saviour’s name;

They gave him honour with their tongue,

While scribes and priests blaspheme.

Samuel the child was wean’d and brought

To wait upon the Lord:

Young Timothy betimes was taught

To know his holy Word.

Then why should I so long delay

What others learnt so soon?

I would not pass another day

Without this work begun.

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