Table of Contents

Title Page

I. Introductory

II. The Census and the Camp.

III. Priests and Levites.

IV. Defilement and Purgation.

V. Naziritism: The Blessing of Aaron. Ch. vi.

VI. Sanctuary and Passover.

VII. The Cloud and the March.

VIII. Hobab the Kenite. Ch. x. 29-36

IX. The Strain of the Desert Journey. Ch. xi.

X. The Jealousy of Miriam and Aaron. Ch. xii.

XI. The Spies and their Report. Chs. xiii., xiv. 1-10

XII. The Doom of the Unbelieving. Ch. xiv.

XIII. Offerings: Sabbath-keeping: Dress. Ch. xv.

XIV. Korah, Dathan, and Abiram. Chs. xvi., xvii.

XV. Tithes and Cleansings. Chs. xviii., xix.

XVI. Sorrow and Failure at Kadesh. Ch. xx.

XVII. The Last March and the First Campaign. Ch. xxi.

XVIII. Balaam Invoked. Ch. xxii. 1-19

XIX. Balaam on the Way. Ch. xxii. 20-38

XX. Balaam's Parables. Chs. xxii. 39-xxiv. 9

XXI. The Matter of Baal-peor. Chs. xxiv. 10-xxv. 18

XXII. A New Generation. Chs. xxvi., xxvii.

XXIII. Offerings and Vows.

XXIV. War and Settlement.

XXV. The Way and the Lot. Chs. xxxiii., xxxiv.

XXVI. The Cities of Refuge. Chs. xxxv., xxxvi.



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