« Simon Magus Simplicianus, St., bp. of Milan Simplicius, bp. of Rome »

Simplicianus, St., bp. of Milan

Simplicianus, St., bp. of Milan next after St. Ambrose, a resident there between 350 and 360 and instrumental in converting Victorious (Aug. Conf. viii. 2). Later perhaps than this he became intimate with St. Ambrose, whose father in the Christian faith he is called by Augustine. About 374, the year Ambrose was raised to the episcopate, Simplician appears to have settled at Milan (Tillem. vol. x. p. 398). He was held in deep reverence by St. Ambrose, who was often consulted by him, and speaks of his continual study of Holy Scripture (Aug. Conf. viii. 2; Ambr. Epp. 37. 2, 65.1). Four reply-letters to him by St. Ambrose on points of Scripture are extant (Ambr. Epp. 37, 38, 61, 67).

Augustine, residing near Milan a.d. 386, became acquainted with Simplician, whose account of the conversion of Victorinus awakened an eager desire to follow his example (Conf. viii. 5); and the friendship lasted throughout Augustine's life. Simplician's appointment to the see of Milan, a.d. 397, is described by Paulinus in his Life of St. Ambrose (c. 46). He apparently died in 400, and was succeeded by Venerius. his inquiries elicited the treatise of Augustine, de Diversis Quaes., concerning various passages in O. and N. T. 908Tillem. x. 401; Ceill. iv. 325, vi. 7, ix. 6, 78, 249–254; Cave, Hist. Litt. vol. i. p. 299.


« Simon Magus Simplicianus, St., bp. of Milan Simplicius, bp. of Rome »
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