« Severianus, bp. of Gabala Severinus, monk of Noricum Severus, L. Septimius »

Severinus, monk of Noricum

Severinus (4), monk and apostle of Noricum (Austria) in the 5th cent. He was assisted by EUGIPPIUS, who afterwards presided over a monastery dedicated to his memory, and there wrote his Life c. 511, describing Severinus as coming from the East to preach in Pannonia and Noricum, about the time that Attila's death was followed by contests among his sons, which wrought havoc and destruction in these provinces. Severinus lived a life of the sternest asceticism in a small cell where he could barely stand erect. His Life is full of the wonders wrought and predictions uttered by him, but is important as illustrating the social life of the outlying provinces of the empire when the foundations of the modern European system were beginning to be laid. Thus c. vi. tells of the influence he exercised in introducing the payment of tithes. He was a most devoted missionary, reverenced by Roman and barbarian alike. Odoacer sought him out and desired his blessing when about to invade Italy. "Pursue," said the saint, "your design; proceed to Italy; you will soon cast away this coarse garment of skins, and your wealth will be adequate to your liberality of mind" (Gibbon, c. xxxvi.). Severinus died a.d. 482, near Vienna. His Life is in AA. SS. Boll. (Jan. 1, 483) and Pez, 892Scriptt. Res Austr. I. 62. Herzog's Encyclop. has a very exhaustive article upon him.


« Severianus, bp. of Gabala Severinus, monk of Noricum Severus, L. Septimius »
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