« Sedulius, 5th-cent. poet Senochus, St Senuti, an anchorite »

Senochus, St

Senochus (1), St., a presbyter of great reputation. for sanctity near Tours; born c. 536 in a district near Poictiers called Theiphalia, which had been for many years settled by a Scythian or Tartar race, to which he belonged. He became a Christian, and in some ruined buildings by Tours built himself a cell, at a spot where an old oratory existed, in which St. Martin, according to tradition, had been wont to pray. St. Euphronius, then bp. of Tours, consecrated it afresh, and ordained Senoch a deacon. Here with a little company of three he practised the greatest austerities, but aspiring to higher sanctity, afterwards shut himself in a solitary cell. In 573 Gregory became bp. of Tours, and received a visit from him. Soon after Senoch went to see his kinsfolk in Poitou, and came back, according to Gregory, so puffed up with spiritual pride that the bishop had to reprove him. He consented, at Gregory's persuasion, to forego his absolute solitude, that the sick might be healed by his virtues. He died, aged about 40, c. 576. He had redeemed many from captivity or healed or fed them, and miracles were attributed to his corpse. Greg. Tur. Hist. Franc. v. 7; Vitae Patrum, c. xv.; de Glor. Conf. c. xxxv.; Boll. Acts SS. Oct. x. 764 sqq.


« Sedulius, 5th-cent. poet Senochus, St Senuti, an anchorite »
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