« Philippus, the Arabian Philippus, bp. of Heraclea Philippus, of Side »

Philippus, bp. of Heraclea

Philippus (6), bp. of Heraclea in Thrace and martyr in the Diocletian persecution c. 304 with Severus, a presbyter, and Hermes, a deacon. His Acts present one of the most vivid and minute pictures we possess of that persecution, and are often quoted by Le Blanc in his Actes des Martyrse.g. pp. 12, 41, 52, 54, etc., where many incidental marks of authenticity are pointed out. The various steps in the persecution can be clearly traced, the arrest of the clergy, the seizure and destruction of the sacred writings and vessels, and finally the torture and death of the martyrs. Philip was arrested and examined by a president Bassus, who then committed him to the free custody of one Pancratus (c. vii.). Bassus was soon succeeded by a certain Justinus, who was much more stern towards the Christians than his predecessor, whose wife was a Christian. After some time Justinus brought them to Adrianople, and there burned Philip and Hermes on the same day (Ruinart, Acta Sincera, p. 442).


« Philippus, the Arabian Philippus, bp. of Heraclea Philippus, of Side »
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