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Here followeth the Life of S. Mellonin.

In the time of the emperor Valerian, S. Mellonin, which was born in the Great Britain, came to Rome to pay the tribute of his land, and for to serve the emperor. When he came thither, so as of custom was, he went into the temple of Mars for to sacrifice with his fellows. He then heard the pope Stephen with a few christian folk, to whom he preached the faith of Christ and the Evangile. He tended and opened his ears to understand his words, and anon he believed on God and required to be baptized. This Mellonin then was baptized by the pope Stephen, and also taught in the Catholic faith, and anon he sold away all such good as he had, and gave all to the poor for the love of God. The pope promoted him into all the degrees of the order of priesthood, insomuch that he himself made S. Mellonin priest, and so as in prayers, in watching, and in fastings he persevered.

On a time as he said his mass, both the pope and he together saw at the right side of the altar an angel that took to him a staff pastoral, saying in this manner: Mellonin take this staff, under the which thou shalt rule and govern the city of Rouen, for all the people there is of God, and all ready to thy service and commandment, and, notwithstanding that it is far from hence, and that the way is to thee right grievable, because thou knowest not the country, nevertheless thou oughtest not to doubt no thing, for Jesu Christ shall ever keep thee under the shadow of his wings. And then after these words he took and received the pope’s blessing and went on his way. And when the even came, and he held the said staff in his hand, he met with a man that was hurt in his foot, which was slit asunder. This holy man made his prayer, and anon he healed him. From thence he came to Rouen, where he accomplished well and holily his office, and made there many virtues and miracles. The which glorious saint rested in peace the eleventh day of the kalends of the month of November to the honour of God that liveth and reigneth in finita secula. Amen.

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