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Here followeth the Life of S. Maturin.

S. Maturin was born of the diocese of Sens, and his father was called Marin, which by the commandment of the Emperor Maximian, persecuted much strongly christian men, but his son Maturin, from the time of his infancy, privily in his heart and in will, was disciple of Jesu Christ, and was much sorrowful of the predication of his father and mother, forasmuch as they were paynims and miscreants. Wherefore he prayed many times our Lord Jesu Christ that by his benign grace he would convert them. So it happed on a night, as he slept, a voice said to him: Maturin, thy petition is heard and granted, who anon arose and gave and rendered great thankings to our Lord. The mother of S. Maturin, being inspired with the Holy Ghost, came to him and said: O my son what reward and what merit shall we have if we believe in Jesu Christ as by many times thou hast desired us. Then S. Maturin said to her: Mother, I let you wit that after the general resurrection, body and soul shall have joy without end, and that so much, that heart human may not think, ne tongue speak ne pronounce. Anon then the mother of S. Maturin went to her husband, his father, for to tell to him what her son had said: to whom the father said thus: I have this night seen in a vision that our son Maturin of S was entered into a sheepcote, and that there was delivered to him a great multitude of sheep; and then they both two received the holy sacrament of baptism of a holy bishop named Polycarp, which ordained and made S. Maturin priest when he was but twenty years old.

After that S. Maurice and his fellows were martyred, and that the people of the Romans had suffered many divers tribulations, the emperor Maximian had a daughter which had a wicked spirit in her body, which tormented her much and persecuted, for whom her father the emperor did do make many crafts of enchantments for to guerish and heal, but it availed nothing. Then the fiend that was within her cried and said by the mouth of the maid: O emperor, it availeth thee nothing that thou doest, for I will not depart from hence till thou hast brought hither out of France Maturin the servant of God, which by his prayers shall get health to thy daughter and unto the people. And anon the emperor with a great multitude of people went to see him, and brought him to Rome upon this condition, that they should swear and promise that, if it happed that he died by the way, they should bring or send him to the place to be buried whereas they had taken him. And when they came nigh to Rome the people came against him and received him much reverently. And anon as he was come to Rome he healed and delivered the daughter of the emperor from the hands of the fiend. Semblably all the other sick men that were presented to him, he healed them. Nevertheless it happed so that the day of the calends of November he rendered and gave up his soul to God much holily. Then took they the precious body and anointed it with noble ointments, and buried it with much reverence. Life of And when they had laid it in the earth, S. Victor on the morn they came unto the sepulchre and found the holy body above the earth nigh unto the same sepulchre, and then were they all abashed and wist not what to do. How be it when one of the knights, that had brought him out of France, had remembered of the promise that they had made, anon he said to the people the cause wherefore it was. And anon after, by the commandment of the emperor, the knights brought the body again much solemnly into his country, in a place where our Lord by the merits of the holy body hath showed many miracles and virtues, of which by the blessed prayers and his intercessions we may have part. Amen.

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