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achauffed, pp., angry. ampul, n., a vessel for holy oil. ancelles, n., handmaids. appertly, adv., openly. asprely, adv., extremely. avaled, v., descended. avoir, n., goods. await, n., a snare. axes, n., ague.

barat, n., treachery. besoins, n. (Fr.), needs. bourdon, n., a staff. brochets, n., spikes. bubale, n., a wild ox. bucale, n., shambles. burette, n., cruse or bottle for oil. bydwong, v., to refrain or keep strictly.

cellarer, n., steward. champaine, n., campagna. cherety, n., affection. clarte, adj., glory. con, v., to be able.

deal, v., to divide. deduit, n., pleasure. did do make=caused to made. doubt, v., to fear.

eme, n., uncle. empesh, v., Fr. empecher, to hinder. engine, n., wit. enseigned, v., Fr. enseigner, taught.

faits, n., doings. flom, n., river. fournil, n., limekiln. frushed, pp., bruised; Fr. froisser, to crush

gree, n., goodwill. guerished, pp., Fr. guerir, healed.

heled, v., concealed. honeysuckle, n., a rendering of locusta as the name of a plant. hosteler, n., one who received guests.

impetre, v., to beseech.

japed, v., mocked. jowes, n., Fr. joues. cheeks.

lessed, pp., diminished.

mat, adj., worn out. mechant, adj., Fr. mechant, wicked. more, adj., elder. moyen, n., mediator. muddes, n., Fr. muids, a measure of about five quarters.

occision, n., slaughter. orage, n. (Fr.), a storm.

parements, n., adornments.

quarrels, n., crossbow bolts.

ratted, pp., torn. raught, v., reached. renomee, n., renown. repeased, v., reassured.

sacred, v., consecrated. siewed, v., followed. soler, n., an upper chamber. styed, v., ascended.

tatche, n., Fr. tache, a stain. tigurion, n., a cottage, used also for a shrine or chapel. transumeth, v., converteth.

unnethe, adv., scarcely.

wood. adj., mad.

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