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adderbolt, n., a dragon-fly, also the bolt of a crossbow. adjousted, pp., Fr. ajouter, to add. aliened, pp., separated. ayenbar, n., redeemer.

bourdon, n., a staff.

can, v., to be able. cheer, n., the visage. colestaff, n., a pole for carrying a burden between two persons. con, v., to know. corbanam, n., an offering.

dilation, n., delay. do make, did do make = cause to be made.

engrassed, pp., Fr. engraisser, to fatten or enrich. enseigned, v., Fr. enseigner, to teach. eurous, adj., Ft. heureux, happy.

flom, n., a river. frushed, v., Fr. fruisser, to crush or bruise.

goliards, n., jesters or buffoons. guerished, v., Fr. guerir, to heal.

impedimy, n., disease of the groin.

jape, n., jest or scoff. jonkes of the sea, n, juncus acutus, the great sea rush. jument. n.. a mare

kalked, v., reckoned or calculated.

leasings, n., lies. louings, n., praisings. Iowted, pp., bowed, used also for lurked.

maleurte, n., Fr. malheur, unhappiness. mezny, n., company or retinue. more, adj., greater or elder. move, v., to be able. moyen, n., middle, mean.

Nebuzar-adan, n. This name means literally in the Hebrew (2 Kings xxv.) ‘chief of the slayers,’ which the English translators following the Vulgate understand as ‘slayers of men,’ and so interpret the name as ‘captain of the guard.’ But in the Septuagint, Nebuzar-adan is taken to be chief of the slayers of beasts, hence the title of ‘prince of the cooks.’ The French version, from which Caxton generally translates, reads ‘car il estoit prince des gueux,’ but here Caxton seems to have turned to the original, where Voragine, strange to say, follows the Latin version of the Septuagint, and writes ‘ princeps cocorum.’

palpation, n., touching. plaies, n., wounds. primetime or printemps, n., spring. prince of the cooks - See Nebuzar-adan. propice, adj., favourable. pulment, n., pottage.

quatretemps, n., Ember days.

rather, adv., earlier. rechaet, n., in exchange for, in place of. renommee. n.. renown.

sieges, n., seats or thrones. sithes, n., times. solder. n.. an upper chamber. sparteled, pp., scattered. spelunke, n., a cave or tomb. stacten, n., myrrh. storax, n., incense. styed, v., rose up, ascended. sweven, n., a dream. synechdoche, n., bringing together.

terebinth, n., turpentine. tigurye, n., a small house. tourbe, n., a crowd. tree treen, n., wood. trewage, n., tribute. turmes, n., troops, companies.

unnethe, adv., hardly, scarcely. utas, n., octave.

veer, n., spring-tide.

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