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(Lecture II., page 38.)


These, amongst other attributes and characteristics of Apollo, are very clearly brought out in Mr Gladstone’s admirable paper on “Homerology: I.—Apollo,” in the ‘Contemporary Review’ for March 1876.


We quote a few sentences specially with reference to the Messianic functions attributed to Apollo in relation to Zeus:—

“1. He alone of the active gods is in entire and unvarying conformity with the will of Zeus, and is his messenger and agent for the most important purposes.

“2. He alone of male deities has the title Διὸς υἷος, son of Zeus.

“3. He alone of male deities is termed Αιΐ φίλος, dear to Zeus, and is addressed by him as φίλε Φοῖβε.

“4. He alone shares with Zeus (Il. xiii. 154) the title of θεῶν ὥριστος.

“6. Apollo is the defender of Heaven against rebellion.”

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