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Postscript by a personal worker: Please remember that this work was first published in 1900. Even those who would question Dr. Torrey’s discussion of scandalous sins can benefit from his insights into prayer. And even without condemning entire art-forms or media of communication, if we re-evaluated the CONTENT of our entertainments and diversions, perhaps we would find ourselves delivered from sinful stuff and pulled away from the poor and even the good things into the BEST that God has for us, that is, close fellowship with Himself.

May God give to me and to many of His people a true spirit of prevailing prayer through this ministry of His servant Dr. Torrey, even until the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, and may this electronic-based edition find its way to every planet and star touched by the children of Adam and Eve.

Keyed into electronic media by Clyde Price, Bible teacher P.O.Box 667, Red Oak, GA 30272-0667 USA CIS#76616-3452 voice phone (404)761-2327

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