« Tema Teman Temani »


(the south).

  • A son of Eliphaz, son of Esau by Adah. (Genesis 36:11,15,41; 1 Chronicles 1:36,53) (B.C. about 1792.)
  • A country, and probably a city, named after the Edomite phylarch, or from which the phylarch took his name. The Hebrew signifies “south,” etc., see (Job 9:9; Isaiah 43:6) and it is probable that the land of Teman was a southern portion of the land of Edom, or, in a wider sense, that of the sons of the east. Teman is mentioned in five places by the prophets, in four of which it is connected with Edom and in two with Dedan. (Jeremiah 49:7,8; Ezekiel 25:13) Eusebius and Jerome mention Teman as a town in their day distant 15 miles from Petra, and a Roman post.
« Tema Teman Temani »
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