« Manslayer Mantle Maoch »


the word employed in the Authorized Version to translate no less than four Hebrew terms, entirely distinct and independent in both derivation and meaning.

  • (Judges 4:18) the garment with which Jael covered Sisera.
  • Rendered “mantle” in (1 Samuel 15:27; 28:14; Ezra 9:3,5) etc. This word is in other passages of the Authorized Version rendered “coat,” “cloak” and “robe.”
  • (Isaiah 3:22) only. Apparently some article of a lady’s dress.
  • (1 Kings 19:13,19; 2 Kings 2:8,13,14) The sole garment of the prophet Elijah. It was probably of sheepskin, such as is worn by the modern dervishes.
« Manslayer Mantle Maoch »
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