« Joha Johanan John »


(gift or grace of God).

  • Son of Azariah and grandson of Ahimaaz the son of Zadok, and father of Azariah, 3. (1 Chronicles 6:9,10) Authorized Version.
  • Son of Elioenai, the son of Neariah, the son of Shemaiah, in the line of Zerubbabel’s heirs. (1 Chronicles 3:24) (B.C. after 406.)
  • The son of Kaereah, and one of the captains of the scattered remnants of the army of Judah, who escaped in the final attack upon Jerusalem by the Chaldeans. (B.C. 588.) After the murder of Gedaliah, Johanan was one of the foremost in the pursuit of his assassin, and rescued the captives he had carried off from Mizpah. (Jeremiah 41:11-16) Fearing the vengeance of the Chaldeans, the captains, with Johanan at their head, notwithstanding the warnings of Jeremiah, retired into Egypt.
  • The first-born son of Josiah king of Judah. (1 Chronicles 3:15) (B.C. 638-610.)
  • A valiant Benjamite who joined David at Ziklag. (1 Chronicles 12:4) (B.C. 1055.)
  • A Gadite warrior who followed David. (1 Chronicles 12:12)
  • The father of Azariah, an Ephraimite in the time of Ahaz. (2 Chronicles 28:12)
  • The son of Hakkatan, and chief of the Bene-Azgad who returned with Ezra. (Ezra 8:12)
  • The son of Eliashib, one of the chief Levites. (Ezra 10:6; Nehemiah 12:23)
  • The son of Tobiah the Ammonite. (Nehemiah 6:18)
« Joha Johanan John »
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