« Harhur Harim Hariph »



  • A priest who had charge of the third division in the house of God. (1 Chronicles 24:8) (B.C. 1014.)
  • Bene-Harim, probably descendants of the above, to the number of 1017, came from Babylon with Zerubbabel. (Ezra 2:39; Nehemiah 7:42) (B.C. 536.)
  • It further occurs in a list of the families of priests “who went up with Zerubbabel and Jeshua,” and of those who were their descendants in the next generation. (Nehemiah 12:16)
  • Another family of Bene-Harim, 320 in number, came from the captivity in the same caravan. (Ezra 2:82; Nehemiah 7:35) (B.C. 536.) They also appear among those who had married foreign wives, (Ezra 10:31) as well as those who sealed the covenant- (Nehemiah 10:27) (B.C. 410.)
« Harhur Harim Hariph »
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