« Hadlai Hadoram Hadrach »


(noble honor).

  • The fifth son of Joktan. (Genesis 10:27; 1 Chronicles 1:21) His settlements, unlike those of many of Joktan’s sons, have not been identified.
  • Son of Tou or Toi king of Hamath; his father’s ambassador to congratulate David on his victory over Hadarezer king of Zobah. (1 Chronicles 18:10) (B.C. 1035.)
  • The form assumed in Chronicles by the name of the intendant of taxes under David, Solomon and Rehoboam. (2 Chronicles 10:18) In Kings the name is given in the longer form of Adoniram, but in Samuel, (2 Samuel 20:24) as Adoram.
« Hadlai Hadoram Hadrach »
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