« Caiaphas, Or Caiaphas Cain Cainan »


one of the cities in the low country of Judah, named with Zanoah and Gibeah. (Joshua 15:57)

(possession). Gen. 4. He was the eldest son of Adam and Eve; he followed the business of agriculture. In a fit of jealousy, roused by the rejection of his own sacrifice and the acceptance of Abel’s, he committed the crime of murder, for which he was expelled from Eden, and led the life of an exile. He settled in the land of Nod, and built a city, which he named after his son Enoch. His descendants are enumerated together with the inventions for which they were remarkable. (B.C. 4000.)

« Caiaphas, Or Caiaphas Cain Cainan »
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