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The sea, yam, is used in Scripture to denote—

  • “The gathering of the waters,” “the Ocean.” (Genesis 1:2,10; 30:13) etc.
  • Some portion of this, as the Mediterranean Sea, called the “hinder,” the “western” and the “utmost” sea, (11:24; 34:2; Joel 2:20) “sea of the Philistines,” (Exodus 23:31) “the great sea,” (Numbers 36:6,7; Joshua 15:47) “the sea.” Genesis49:13; Psal 80:11 Also frequently of the Red Sea. (Exodus 15:4) [Red Sea SEA]
  • Inland lakes termed seas, as the Salt or Dead Sea. [See the special article]
  • Any great collection of waters, as the river Nile (Isaiah 19:5) and the Euphrates. (Jeremiah 51:36)
« Scythopolis Sea Sea, Molten »
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