« Jotbath, Or Jotbathah Jotham Jozabad »


(Jehovah is upright).

  • The youngest son of Gideon, (Judges 9:5) who escaped from the massacre of his brethren. (B.C. after 1256.) His parable of the reign of the bramble is the earliest example of the kind.
  • The son of King Uzziah or Azariah and Jerushah. After administering the kingdom for some years during his father’s leprosy, he succeeded to the throne B.C. 758, when he was 25 years old, and reigned 16 years in Jerusalem. He was contemporary with Pekah and with the prophet Isaiah. His history is contained in (2 Kings 15:1) ... and 2Chr 27:1 ...
  • A descendant of Judah, son of Jahdai. (1 Chronicles 2:47)
« Jotbath, Or Jotbathah Jotham Jozabad »
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