« Hilen Hilkiah Hillel »


(God is my portion)

  • Father of Eliakim. (2 Kings 18:37; Isaiah 22:20; 36:22) [Eliakim]
  • High priest in the reign of Josiah. (2 Kings 22:4) seq. 2Chr 34:9 Seq.; 1 Esd. 1:8. (B.C. 623.) His high priesthood was rendered particularly illustrious by the great reformation effected under it by King Josiah, by the solemn Passover kept at Jerusalem in the 18th year of that king’s reign, and above all by the discovery which he made of the book of the law of Moses in the temple.
  • A Merarite Levite, son of Amzi (1 Chronicles 6:45) hebr. 30.
  • Another Merarite Levite, second son of Hosah. (1 Chronicles 26:11)
  • One of those who stood on the right hand of Ezra when he read the law to the people; doubtless a Levite, and probably a priest. (Nehemiah 8:4) (B.C 410.)
  • A priest of Anathoth, father of the prophet Jeremiah. (Jeremiah 1:1) (B.C. before 628.)
  • Father of Gemariah, who was one of Zedekiah’s envoys to Babylon. (Jeremiah 29:3) (B.C. long before 587.)
« Hilen Hilkiah Hillel »
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