« Hazelelponi Hazer Hazerim »


topographically, seems generally employed for the villages of people. As a proper name it appears in the Authorized Version—

  • In the plural, Hazerim and HAZEBOTH, for which see below.
  • In the slightly different form of Hazor.
  • In composition with other words:
  • HAZAR-ADDAR (village of Addar), a place named as one of the landmarks on the southern boundary of the land promised to Israel. (Numbers 34:4) Adar (Joshua 15:3)
  • HAZAR-ENAN (village of fountains), the place at which the northern boundary of the land promised to the children of Israel was to terminate. (Numbers 34:9,10) comp. Ezek 47:17; 48:1
  • HAZAB GADDAH (village of fortune), one of the towns in the southern district of Judah, (Joshua 15:27) named between Moladah and Heshmon.
  • HAZAR-SHUAL (village of jackals), a town in the southern district of Judah, lying between Hazar-gaddah and Beersheba. (Joshua 15:28; 19:3; 1 Chronicles 4:28)
  • HAZAR-SUSAH (village of horses), one of the “cities” allotted to Simeon in the extreme south of the territory of Judah. (Joshua 19:5)
« Hazelelponi Hazer Hazerim »
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