« Eliasaph Eliashib Eliathah »


(whom God restores).

  • A priest in the time of King David eleventh in the order of the “governors” of the sanctuary. (1 Chronicles 24:12)
  • One of the latest descendants of the royal family of Judah. (1 Chronicles 3:24)
  • High priest at Jerusalem at the time of the rebuilding of the walls under Nehemiah. (Nehemiah 3:1,20,21) (B.C. 446.)
  • A singer in the time of Ezra who had married a foreign wife. (Ezra 10:24)
  • A son of Zattu, (Ezra 10:27) and
  • A son of Bani, (Ezra 10:36) both of whom had transgressed in the same manner. (B.C. 458.)
« Eliasaph Eliashib Eliathah »
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