« Bartimaeus Baruch Baruch, Book Of »



  • Son of Neriah, the friend, (Jeremiah 32:12) amanuensis, (Jeremiah 26:4-32) and faithful attendant of Jeremiah. (Jeremiah 36:10) ff. (B.C. 603.) He was of a noble family, comp. (Jeremiah 51:59) Bar. 1:1, and of distinguished acquirements. His enemies accused him of influencing Jeremiah in favor of the Chaldaeans, (Jeremiah 43:3) cf. Jere 27:13 And he was imprisoned until the capture of Jerusalem, B.C. 586. By the permission of Nebuchadnezzar he remained with Jeremiah at Mizpeh, Jos. Ant. x.9, 1, but was afterwards forced to go down to Egypt. (Jeremiah 43:6) Nothing is known certainly of the close of his life.
  • The son of Zabbai, who assisted Nehemiah in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. (Nehemiah 3:20) (B.C. 446.)
  • A priest, or family of priests, who signed the covenant with Nehemiah. (Nehemiah 10:6) (B.C. 410.).
  • The son of Col-hozeh, a descendant of Perez or Pharez, the son of Judah. (Nehemiah 11:5) (B.C. 536.)
« Bartimaeus Baruch Baruch, Book Of »
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